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Mesaster Warren

Type species: albidiscata Warren.

This monobasic genus has facies characteristics of Garaeus and allies but with very small white discal spots on each wing, an obtusely angular forewing margin and a doubly excavate anterior half to the hindwing margin. The angled forewing postmedial encloses a pale buff triangle in the acute angle it forms distally with the costa; this triangle is less shaded with brown on the underside. The male antennae are ciliate only.

In the male genitalia the furca has a long left arm but the right one is vestigial. The coremata on each side are double. The aedeagus vesica opening is elongate, sclerotised and serrate on one side, this sclerotisation having a subbasal, serrate spur.

Females are not known.

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