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Loxotephria Warren

Type species: olivacea Warren, China.

This is a genus that contains a number of very similar species, perhaps best distinguished from each other on the basis of genitalic characters.

The facies of both wings is distinctly banded in green, pale violet and reddish, the bands of the forewing oblique, those of the forewing sharply angled subcostally, the acuteness of this angle increasing distad. The male antennae are filiform.

In the male abdomen there are small, setose coremata laterally between segments 4, 5 and 6 (i.e. two pairs). These, with the entirely cleft uncus and the presence of three long cornuti on a distal lobe of the slender aedeagus vesica, can be regarded as definitive of the genus. The furca is asymmetric, the left arm usually much longer than the right. The gnathus is apically broad, dorsally rugose.

The female genitalia (Bornean species) have the bursa spherical, lacking a signum but sclerotised and fluted over the basal two thirds; the ductus is moderate with similar sclerotised fluting. The ostium is central to a heart-shaped lamella vaginalis that bears a fine hairlike scobination.

The genus is purely Oriental, extending no further east than Sundaland.

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