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Xylinophylla hypocausta Warren stat. rev. 
Adelphocrasta hypocausta Warren, 1899, Novit. zool. 6: 62.
Xylinophilla maculata Warren sensu Holloway, 1976: 75.

Xylinophylla hypocausta

Xylinophylla hypocausta

(See Gonodontis clelia).

Taxonomic notes. The species has been treated as a subspecies of maculata Warren in the past but is best regarded as distinct for the reasons given in the generic account. In hypocausta the ventral process of the valve is long, the intermediate spur quadrate.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference.
Never common, hypocausta is found in forested habitats from the lowlands to 1800m.

Biology. The larva was described by Corbett & Dover (1927, Malay. Agric. J. 15: 408-4 19). It is dark brown, slender, with pairs of long slender processes dorsally on A3 and A4 and short ones on A8: there is also a dorsal spur on A1.

The host-plant was Aleurites moluccana (Euphorbiaceae).

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