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Peratophyga hypsicyma Prout comb. n.  
Euctenostega hypsicyma Prout, 1916, Novit. zool. 23: 39.

Peratophyga hypsicyma

This and the next two species are very similar in general facies. P. hypsicyma is redder with brighter yellow, more irregular fasciation, and with more yellow markings submarginally than in the other two. Confusion with P. hypsidesma is possible, but genitalic features permit discrimination as indicated under that species.

Geographical range. Borneo, Sumatra.

Habitat preference. During recent surveys in Brunei, three specimens have been taken in lowland forests on acid soils (dry heath at Telisai, swamp at Badas and coastal at Mumong) and one at 1619m on Bukit Retak. The species is rare.

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