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Auzeodes Warren

Type species: nigroseriata Warren = chalybeata Walker.

This and the next genus, Peratostega Warren, are closely related to Danala, sharing genitalic features such as: squarish or cordate uncus shape with short stout distal setae; dorsal processes well separated from the rest of the valve, articulating with each other and the gnathus on the tegumen; the subbasal part of the interior of the valve forming a pocket-like structure with the juxta; a signum consisting of an irregular sclerotised patch bearing an angled, bifid flange (also in Syngonorthus). Coremata on the valves are bifid in this genus, Danala and Syngonorthus but not in Peratostega. Syngonorthus is probably sister-genus to a grouping of the other three.

The facies is reddish brown as in the related genera, but the forewing shape is diagnostic, with the costal margin slightly concave, the distal margin generally strongly bowed, with the apex falcate.

In the male genitalia the main part of the valve is distally triangular; the coremata are massive; the dorsal processes have an obtuse subapical tooth, and are strongly curved over the apical portion. The aedeagus vesica has a globular sclerotisation, and a more elongate one that bears a ridge of short, stout spines. The eighth sternite and tergite terminate in narrow, sclerotised, bifid processes centrally, similar to Danala.

The female has the bursa of even width except for narrowing towards the base. The signum has a bifid flange. The ductus is sclerotised, narrow distally, broadening over its basal half to a very wide ostium; there is a cordate, sclerotised lamella postvaginalis.

The genus consists of the type species and one from Sulawesi that is undescribed.

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