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Cassyma electrodes Sommerer & Stüning  
Cassyma electrodes Sommerer & Stüning, 1992, Heterocera Sumatrana, 7:18.

Cassyma electrodes

This is the only other species apart from quadrinata where the ground colour is pale yellow. The wings are suffused and fasciated with dull red, the fasciae more indistinct and less crenulate than in congeners. The postmedials are sinuous, following a course similar to those of C. sciticincta. In the male abdomen the eighth sternite is triangular and lacks coremata, differing from the state typical of the genus. The uncus is strikingly bifid and the pocket of the furca is massive.

Geographical range. Sumatra, Borneo.

Habitat preference. The specimens are from lowland and lower montane forest.

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