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Sundagrapha Holloway

Type species: tenebrosa Swinhoe.

The genus resembles Zamarada in wing venation, antennal characters and the possession of prominent discal spots on both wings. The wings lack a hyaline zone and are pinkish, finely and densely striated rufous. They are paler below, with broad brown borders.

The male genitalia have a sinuously conical uncus, the apex bifid. The ventral portion of the valve is triangular, the apex produced, with a curved setose ridge running from the apex to the base. The dorsal arm is outcurved rather than angled. There are weak coremata. The aedeagus has a pair of large but unequal cornuti in the vesica.

The female genitalia are similar to those of Zamarada, but the lamella vaginalis consists of a broad plate encircled on each side by irregular ridges.

Two species are included, both occurring in Borneo.

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