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Zamarada spp.

Zamarada sp

Zamarada sp

Two female specimens may represent further taxa in this first group. The first, from lower montane forest at 900m on the limestone G. Api in N. Sarawak, has very rounded excavations to the interior margin of the forewing borders. The structures on the sterigma of the female genitalia (slide 15815) have the central process elongate, triangular and extending well beyond the rather delicate, sinuous, pointed lateral processes (the reverse holds in scriptifasciata and baliata).

The second specimen (slide 10521) was taken at 500m in hill dipterocarp forest on the slopes of G. Mulu. It resembles scriptifasciata and denticulata in facies, but has only the central process, narrow, trapezoid, on the sterigma.

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