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Prochasma Warren

Type species: mimica Warren, N.E. Himalaya.

This genus consists of several small species with pale yellow or whitish wings that are heavily marked in dark brown such that the medial zone is dark, bounded by dentate fasciae that are themselves bounded by a narrow band of the pale ground colour. The male antennae are bipectinate. There is no forewing fovea. The male third sternite lacks a setal comb but has a pair of obliquely transverse patches of setal scars in a similar position, analogous to the condition in many Geometrinae. D. Stüning (in litt.) has noted a brush of metallic, spatulate scales posteriorly on the thorax as another generic feature.

In the male genitalia there is a strong saccus, the valves are parallelogram- shaped with a slight spur at the ventral obtuse angle and a moderate cucullus. The aedeagus vesica contains a single massive cornutus.

The female genitalia have a short, unsclerotised ductus, a neck to the bursa three times as long, asymmetrically sclerotised over the basal two thirds, and a pyriform distal part. There is no signum.

The genus is purely Oriental.

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