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Diplurodes inundata Prout
Diplurodes inundata Prout, 1929, Novit. zool., 35: 74.

Diplurodes inundata (in USNM)

This is a strongly marked species with the basal half of the hindwing and the medial zone of the forewing predominantly white, the hindwing with a strong, straight black medial line. The forewing basal area is grey, with a convex distal border. There is a longitudinally darker bar centrally between the forewing postmedial and submarginal. The male genitalia are distinguished by the saccular ornamentation where there are two long, straight, slender, pale spines together with a short, darker one (this is longer in Javan material (slide 13162)).

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra; Java.

Habitat preference. The species is recorded infrequently from forests in the lowlands to the lower montane zone.

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