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Ectropidia harmani sp. n.

Ectropidia harmani (paratype)

10-11mm. This is another uniform rich brown species allied to exprimata. The fasciae are obscure, the forewing almost entirely brown except for the pale patch in the centre of the margin that extends as a fine zig-zag line to define the distal edge of the submarginal. The submarginal is the strongest fascia of the hindwing, extending through the paler, more speckled posterior two thirds of the wing. The hindwing discal spot is prominent though small. The abdominal coremata are intermediate in size between exprimata and altiprimata. The genitalia resemble those of altiprimata but the uncus is narrower, the valve costa more densely setose, the valve apex broader, the central ventral seta absent and the basal pair shorter, straighter, set on a small lobe.

Holotype . Badas Forest, 20 metres, BRUNEI, 26.ii.l982 (T. W. Harman), BM geometrid slide 15859.

Paratypes: 2 as holotype (slide 15860); 1 BRUNEI: Ulu Temburong, 1000ft, 9.ii.1980 (M.G. Allen) Royal Scottish Museum 1981.031.

Geographical range. Borneo, Sumatra (Sato slide RS- 1840).

Habitat preference. All specimens are from lowland rain forest, the Badas locality including swamp forest.

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