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Necyopa Walker

Type species: flatipennata Walker

Synonym: Polylophodes Warren (type species triangularis Warren, Java). The species in this genus are brown or greenish brown, usually with paler medial zones on both wings. The male hindwings are rather triangular in many species, with a streak of dark scales at the tornal angle in some. A fovea is present. The male antennae are bipectinate.

In the abdomen there are at least four pairs of coremata between segments 3 and segment 8, that between segments 5 and 6 lacking in all except N. ioge Prout.

The pair between 6 and 7 is double in all except the type species, and segment 7 is elongate and has the most distal pair of coremata arising just within it.

The male genitalia have the uncus bifid as in Chrysoblephara, the gnathus strong, with a narrow, tapering apical portion. The valve has no saccular ornamentation but there is a strongly setose, digitate process subbasally on the dorsal margin of the valve, possibly derived from the costa and cucullus. In all except the type species there is a corema at the apex of the valve.

The female genitalia have the bursa elongate, mostly immaculate, and lacking a signum.

The genus is virtually restricted to Sundaland and has four species in Borneo. In addition there is N. triangularis Warren (= anetotasis Prout syn. n.) from Java. The taxon picta Warren (Java) may represent the female of triangularis. All except the type species are montane (see Holloway, 1991).

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