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Lophobates Warren

Type species: ochreicostata Warren, N.E. Himalaya.

This genus contains two small dark brown species with typical, if uniform, boarmiine facies but with a broad pale zone along the forewing costa. The male antennae are strongly bipectinate, those of the female being filiform. There is no forewing fovea in the male, but the abdomen has a setal comb on sternite 3, coremata giving rise to a lateral tuft of dark scales between segments 4 and 5, and a central, groove-like structure over the basal half of sternite 8.

The male genitalia provide further diagnostic features: a strong subbasal process from the costa, bearing several long, curved setae at its apex, these being blade-like in the type species; a pair of long, sinuous spines arising laterally from the juxta. There are coremata at the base of the sacculus. The setation along the valve costa is strongest centrally, set in from the costa, the setae being very short.

In the female genitalia the ovipositor is narrow. The ductus is slender, unsclerotised, the bursa ovate, immaculate.

Apart from the type species, the genus contains the following Bornean endemic.

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