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Pseudalcis catoriata Warren
Pseudalcis catoriata Warren, 1897, Novit. zool., 4: 97.

Pseudalcis catoriata

The two Bornean species are similar in pattern but P. cinerascens is much darker, with the hindwing postmedial more strongly and narrowly dentate, passing close to the discal spot rather than well separate from it.

Taxonomic notes. The Himalayan P. renaria Guenée (also in Burma, Thailand) is similar in facies and shares features of the male genitalia such as a pair of processes associated with the valve costa.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. All records are from lowland forest, including that disturbed by timber extraction. No records were made in the extensive surveys of the G. Mulu National Park or Brunei (apart from one specimen from Labi), but the species has been taken in the Danum Valley area of Sabah and extensively in eastern and southern Kalimantan.

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