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 Ruttellerona Swinhoe

Type species: cessaria Walker, Sri Lanka, S. India.

This genus consists of a number of species of rather similar build and facies. The male antennae are robustly ciliate or weakly serrate. A forewing fovea is present. The facies features that appear to define the genus include irregular black streaks within the cell on the underside (but not necessarily the upperside) of the forewing, and a strong pale marginal zone to the hindwing at the tornus that extends anteriorly to about the centre of the margin at most. The pale submarginal of the forewing is most evident at the forewing tornus also. The paler hindwing tornal area is seen to some extent in other genera such as Menophra Moore and Chorodna Walker, but always in combination with an angled forewing postmedial: in Ruttellerona the postmedial is oblique, more or less straight, finely crenulate. The postmedials on both wings separate a dark distal half from a paler basal half of both wings on the underside.

There is some sexual dimorphism, females tending to have more uniformly dark blackish brown wings than males.

The male genitalia usually have the uncus triangular (bicornute in the type species), setose, the gnathus vestigial. The valve has the cucullus strongly defined. A band of sclerotisation extends from the apex of the sacculus to the valve costa at two thirds: this usually bears two groups of short, robust setae associated with it or the sacculus that orient to each other in different ways, e.g. forming a 'V' in R. lithina Warren and R. obsequens Prout. The aedeagus vesica is small, lacking cornuti, but sometimes with more scobinate zones.

In the female genitalia the bursa is long, narrow, unsclerotised, either lacking a signum (R. cessaria and allies) or with a weak, irregularly bidentate one (R. lithina). The sterigma is usually broadly sclerotised and exhibits specifically diagnostic features.

The genus is widespread in the Indo-Australian tropics with a range of lowland to montane species (Holloway, 1986).

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