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Cleora mjoebergi Prout
Cleora mjoebergi [mjobergi] Prout, 1926, Sarawak Mus. J., 3: 201.
Cleora neomenia Prout, 1932, J. fed. Malay States, Mus. 17: 183, syn. n.
Cleora neomenia Prout; Holloway, 1976: 81.

Cleora mjoebergi

Cleora mjoebergi

The wings are a more uniform brown than other Cleora except C. repetita, but the tornal zone of the forewing is paler rather than darker than the rest. The forewing postmedial is weakly angled subcostally. Many specimens have the medial zone darkened, usually with a broad, diffusely blackish medial band. On the dorsal surface of the forewing fovea there is a delicate radial array of black scales.

Taxonomic notes. The taxa are brought into synonymy as the genitalic differences are small and probably only reflect the existence of minor "montane island" races.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is common in upper montane forest on a number of peaks (G. Murud, G. Mulu, Bukit Retak). On G. Kinabalu it is particularly abundant from 1930m to 2600m.

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