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Iulotrichia Warren

Type species: buzurata Warren, Timor, Flores.

In facies members of this genus resemble those in section Buzura of Biston (See Biston Leach), but the male antennae are diagnostically quadripectinate. The male forewing has a typical, shallow, rather triangular boarmiine fovea, absent in Buzura. The apex of the tongue is bristly as in Buzura.

In the male abdomen there is no setal comb on sternite 3. The valve of the genitalia is typically ground plan boarmiine. The uncus is apically bifid as in Biston, the gnathus strong, apically rugose. The juxta is weak, circular, not elongate as in Biston and Amraica. The aedeagus has two longitudinal combs of dense spines apically. The vesica is large, scobinate, the scobination more dense on a lateral lobe.

The female genitalia have the ovipositor and its apodemes very long, extensile as in Cusiala Moore. The apodemes of segment 8 are also long but less than one third as long as for the ovipositor. The neck of the bursa is elongate, expanding slightly into the distal bulb that contains a typical boarmiine dentate signum, transversally elongate.

There is no information on larval stages, but there is an unpublished IIE record of I. semiumbrata Warren (Sulawesi to New Guinea) feeding on Terminalia (Combretaceae) in New Guinea.

I. decursaria Walker is the most westerly of an allopatric series of species extending east to New Guinea.

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