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Coremecis Gen. n.

Type species: incursaria Walker.

This genus is erected for two further displacements from Medasina, and is best defined on abdominal features. The male antennae are bipectinate to about three quarters, the forewing lacks a fovea, and the third sternite has a setal comb.

The definitive feature is a single corema ventrally between sternite 7 and 8. The uncus is entire, apically acute. The gnathus is apically produced into an oblong tongue that bears a few transverse carinae (a similar feature is seen in Gasterocome Warren). The saccus is large, broad, rather bulbous. The valve lacks a cucullus, is somewhat ovate in shape, and has a robust, incurved saccular process bearing setal spines that is itself set in an ovate depression taking up about two thirds of the valve area. There is a transverse bar between the transtillae. The aedeagus terminates in an apical blade-like process with an obtuse lateral thorn. The vesica has a reflexed lobe that is strongly scobinate on its outer surface.

The female genitalia are similiar to those of Lassaba, particularly in the shape and ornamentation of the bursa, but the ostial area is narrower, a lightly sclerotised funnel ornamented with a series of several herring-bone ridges. The signum is small, bicornute as in Lassaba.

Both species are restricted to Sundaland.

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