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Racotis quadripunctata sp. n.

Racotis quadripunctata (paratype)

20-22mm, 21mm. This species is a darker, less yellow brown than its Bornean congeners, with distinct but diffuse dark patches just distal to the postmedial on both wings between M3 and CuA2. The Bornean species is also darker, less variegated, more uniform than the genitalically very similar R. anaglyptica Prout (Java, Bali). The underside submarginal bands are not prominent in anaglyptica but strong as in the other two Bornean species in quadripunctata. The male genitalia of quadripunctata and anaglyptica share possession of an unusually long digitate sacculus process, but with the distal half of the valve more bulbous centrally in quadripunctata, resembling more the Javan R. neonephrica Prout.

Holotype . SARAWAK: Gunung Mulu Nat. Park, R.G.S Exped. 1977-8 (J.D. Holloway et al.) Site 2, January, Camp 4, Mulu, 1790m, 452463, [upper montane forest], BM geometrid slide 13357.

Paratypes, general data as holotype: 1 Site 3, Mulu, 1780m; 2 Site 14, 1 Site 15, Mulu, 1000m, lower montane forest; 1 Site 11, Mulu, 150m, hill dipterocarp forest; 1 Site 18, W. Melinau Gorge, 100m, alluvial forest; 1 site 25, G. Api, 900m, lower montane forest.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The species is recorded from the lowlands to the upper montane zone, with the majority of specimens being taken from 900m upwards.

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