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Synegia punctinervis Holloway
Synegia punctinervis Holloway, 1976: 83.

Synegia punctinervis(paratype)

Synegia punctinervis(paratype)

This is a large, pale species, fasciated and marked with pinkish grey and speckled in places with blackish. The postmedials are marked distally by strong black dots on the veins, connected weakly by black at the edge of the fascia. A rare form has large black spots at the tornus of each wing and more extensive blackening of the posterior part of the forewing postmedial and submarginal.

Geographical range. Borneo (Kinabalu only).

Habitat preference. This species is abundant at 2600m on G. Kinabalu, but also recorded singly as low as 1930m. Females are far commoner than males in light trap samples.

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