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Synegia ocellata Warren
Syntaracta ocellata Warren, 1894, Novit. zool., 1: 400.
Synegia ocellata Warren; Holloway, 1976: 83.

Synegia ocellata

Synegia ocellata

Synegia ocellata

This and the next species are externally very similar, including much variability, sharing with S. dentifascia sp. n. the presence of ocellate marks between M3 and CuA1 on both forewing and hindwing. The ground colour is a slightly brighter yellow in ocellata compared with transgrisea, and the ocellar marks tend to be stronger, particularly on the forewing and in the form where they, and they alone, are picked out in black. The fasciae are also marked by black dots on the veins: these tend to be stronger in transgrisea which is altogether a pinker insect. The most reliable distinction is in the male genitalia: the valve is relatively much longer and lacks a subbasal costal process in ocellata; the cornutus in ocellata is longer, slender, whereas it is robust, short in transgrisea. In the female, transgrisea is distinguished by a strong, basal appendix bursae to the rather elongate bursa. The appendix bursae is only moderate in ocellata from Borneo and the bursa is more globular than elongate.

Taxonomic notes. The status of ocellata in Sundaland requires further investigation. Unfortunately the only male of ocellata from the type locality (G. Ijau in Peninsular Malaysia) lacks an abdomen. The genitalia of the holotype do not have an appendix bursae, but the bursa is longer than in transgrisea and narrow with the signum almost at the apex, but in facies is intermediate between Bornean ocellata and transgrisea (See Synegia transgrisea Holloway). Sumatran material (female only) resembles that from Borneo. Bornean ocellata may therefore represent a new species.

Geographical range. Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra.

Habitat preference. The species is frequent in upper montane forest, known from G. Kinabalu, G. Mulu, Bukit Retak and Bukit Pagon.

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