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Parasynegia lineata Warren comb. n.  
Borbacha lineata Warren, 1896, Novit. zool. 3: 392.
Parasynegia parumnotata Warren, 1899, Novit. zool. 6: 342.

Parasynegia lineata

This and the next species are smaller than sundastriaria, without the same prominent, pale-centred forewing discal spot. They are distinguished from each other in the description of the next species.

Taxonomic notes. The features of the male genitalia are typical of Parasynegia rather than Borbacha Moore.

Geographical range. Java, Nias, Borneo.

Habitat preference. During the Mulu survey two specimens were taken in alluvial forest and one in kerangas, all lowland localities. Material in the BMNH is from Kinabalu, Tenom and Lawas (holotype of parumnotata).

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