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Hypulia Swinhoe

Type species: dirempta Walker, India; also in Singapore.

This small genus contains four Sundanian and one mainland Oriental species with dull green coloration and variable wing shape. The pattern consists of darker discal spots and fine ante- and postmedial fasciae. There is a general distribution of darker transverse striae. The margin is finely dark brown and the fringe scales are white. The forewings are usually very narrowly and finely falcate at the apex. The male antennae are prismatic.

The facies features provide the best definition of the genus, but genitalic characters are also consistent with it being a natural grouping. The male eighth sternite and tergite both bear basal apodemes. Coremata at the valve bases are strong, often convolute. The valve costa is lobed or with an angular process. The valve setation is typical of the major grouping of genera mentioned in the introduction to the tribe, and several species have the peg-like setae typical of it (but not the type species). In all species the uncus is modified, usually with some form of pseudouncus dorsally. The aedeagus vesica lacks cornuti.

In the female genitalia the basal part of the bursa (or distal part of the ductus) is slender, sclerotised, fluted. The bursa is variably ornamented: immaculate, finely scobinate or with a pair or several short, longitudinal sclerotised ridges centrally.

The localities recorded recently for the species in Borneo suggest some association with forest on wet, acid soils.

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