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Tasta disciscura Holloway
Tasta disciscura Holloway, 1976: 84.

Tasta disciscura

The forewing has the darker postmedial broader than in the other pale species, extending over much of the discal area. The ocellus is only slightly elliptical as in reflexoides. In the male genitalia the valves are rather short and broad, as is the uncus. The former have a single major but short digitate process at one half, with one or two much smaller ones close to it. The aedeagus vesica lacks cornuti.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The type specimen was taken in tall montane forest at 1500m on G. Kinabalu. This forest has now largely been cleared. During the Mulu survey three specimens were taken at much lower altitudes, one in alluvial forest (70m) and two in wet heath (kerangas) forest (150m).

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