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Lomographa araeophragma Prout 
Bapta araeophragma Prout, 1934, Novit. zool. 39: 133.

Lomographa araeophragma

This species and L. juta Prout are very similar. In juta there are approximately equal, diffuse postmedial and submarginal fasciae, those on the forewing more or less straight. In araeophragma the postmedial is strong, curved on the forewing, and the submarginal indistinct. In the male genitalia juta is distinguished by a prominent dorsal lobe at the base of the uncus and by the lack of a corematous pouch at the base of the valve. In the females, araeophragma has the bursa generally scobinate, whereas in juta there is a typical ‘mushroom’ signum.

Geographical range. Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia.

Habitat preference. Almost all specimens taken during the Mulu survey were from the limestone Gunung Api. The species was common in the lower montane zone at 900m, but also taken at 250m and 1200m. A single specimen was taken in the lower montane zone of G. Mulu.

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