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Eurychoria Prout

Type species: oenoptila Prout, New Guinea.

Most species have the wings a dark reddish brown, transversed by faintly darker brown wavy fascia, most particularly the postmedial. This fasciae is often more clearly exposed by the presence of pale orange patches that straddle it. The antennae of both sexes are filiform, densely invested with very short cilia and a few longer ones on each segment.

The male genitalia have valves with setation typical of the major group of genera apart from the lack of peg-like setae. Processes are present on the valve costa of most species, but these are diagnostically basal. There is a prominent furca. Socii are present but mostly weak, and there is a thin, band-like gnathus ring. The aedeagus vesica lacks cornuti but is finely scobinate. In the female the bursa is narrow, elongate, sclerotised basally and with a small, irregularly stellate signum subapically. The ductus is very short.

The genus is most diverse in the Australasian tropics, and is represented further west by E. perata Prout (Sumatra, Java), E. pia West (Luzon) and the species described below.

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