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Acolutha Warren

Type species: pictaria Moore.

Species in this genus have a very uniform facies type, consisting of red, pink and yellow markings and suffusion on a white ground. The discal spots and parts of the postmedial are picked out dark grey, and sometimes this grey is more extreme. The forewing costal third is usually broadly red. Yellow suffuses the ground colour completely or is restricted to bands associated with the fasciae, themselves red or pinkish red. The most distinct fasciae are the postmedials, sinuous in course, usually double. The male antennae are narrowly bipectinate, those of the female filiform.

The male genitalia are similarly uniform through the genus, with a simple, slender, acute uncus, a broadly scobinate subscaphium and a well developed saccus. The valves are elongate-ovate, relatively small, with setae on the inner lamina and a line of larger ones at the base of the sacculus. The aedeagus vesica is scobinate, sometimes with bands of slightly larger spines.

The female genitalia have a globular bursa with coarse general spining throughout except in a slight basal swelling or appendix. The ductus is short, partly sclerotised.

The genus is predominantly Oriental, with the type species extending east to New Guinea and the Bismarcks. Three out of four Bornean species are montane.

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