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Heringarosa Gen. n.

Type species: trifurca sp. n.
This genus also has Narosa venation and filiform male antennae. The ground colour of the wings is dull yellow and the forewings have an irregular broad ring in the distal half. The diagnostic features are in the male genitalia; females are unknown.

The eighth tergite is produced into a slender finger that is itself about one and a half times the length of the average abdominal segment (see also Flavinarosa). The vinculum, in the region of the saccus, gives rise to a pair of slender sclerotised processes. The transtillae fuse into a complex setose structure from which arises a pair of folded membraneous processes directed back into the interior of the abdomen. The aedeagus is relatively short, with a substantial spine at the apex.

The genus contains two species, both found in Borneo.

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