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Striogyia Gen. n.

Type species: snelleni sp. n.
The forewing venation is typical of the Darna group, more extreme in the , but the male antennae are filiform as in Trichogyia, Limacosilla and Ceratonema. The forewing facies includes a pale, very slightly sinuous, oblique postmedial running from the apex to the centre of the dorsum. Basal to this fascia the wing is longitudinally striate in pale and dull brown. Distally it is more uniform dark brown and there is a fine, pale submarginal fascia curved parallel to the margin.

In the male genitalia the uncus is rectangular, the gnathus long, slender, downcurved, running over a distinctive corrugated 'saddle' formed from the transtillae. The valves are somewhat divided into saccular and setose distal portions as in Trichogyia, and there is a clavus-like structure on the interior of the sacculus. The eighth sternite is slender, sclerotised, biarcuate, with the concavities directed posteriorly.

In the female genitalia the ovipositor lobes are rather elongate, laterally compressed; the ostium has a bilobed transverse flap; the apophyses of the eighth segment are short; the ductus is spiralled; the bursa contains a single scobinate signum as in Trichogyia.

The genus contains two species: snelleni and the Javan foliola Snellen comb. n.

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