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Limacosilla Hering

Type species: pirifera Hering
The forewings are relatively elongate for the family, the apices acute. The venation tends towards that of the Darna group but R5 branches from Rs, albeit basally, rather than arising independently from the cell. The antennae are finely serrate in the male, similar to the conditions in Ceratonema Hampson and Trichogyia Hampson. The facies and shape of the forewings are similar to those of Ceratonema caustiplaga Hampson: it is dark brown that grades paler towards the costa, except for a pale brown semicircle based over the basal two thirds of the dorsum, containing a dark brown crescent near the anterior border.

The male genitalia are bizarre, with a reduced uncus, absent gnathus and divided valve as illustrated. The eighth sternite is narrowed, with a tuft of dark brown hair-scales apically.

The female genitalia have a diagnostically convolute lamella postvaginalis. The ductus bursae is straight and the bursa contains a single, round, scobinate signum.. In C. caustiplaga the ductus is spiralled.

The larva is as described in the specific account.

The genus contains pirifera at present.

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