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Allothosea Hering

Type species: bisuroides Hering.
The genus consists of small moths with reddish brown forewings, antennae broadly bipectinate over the basal half then narrowing, and fore tibiae lacking a distal white spot. The forewings have a characteristic marginal zone with, moving inwards, a narrow dark band, a broader pale band and then a repeat of such bands, all parallel to the margin. The females are somewhat larger than the male with more rounded forewing margins and the pale bands less distinct.

The male genitalia are typical of the limacodid ground plan but, unusually for the bisignate and crescent-signum groups, have cornuti in the aedeagus, usually, when viewed with the vesica uneverted, with a large distal one extruded and smaller ones within the vesica.

The female genitalia (lola) have the ductus short, only weakly spiralled, and the bursa large, spanned by a long, narrow signum. The eighth segment is relatively short, the lamella postvaginalis scobinate.

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