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Nagodopsis Matsumura

Type species: shirakiana Matsumura.
The genus was suggested by Matsumura to be close to Nagoda Moore, differing in wing shape and in having the male antennae filiform rather than basally bipectinate. Both genera have the male with transparent or only lightly scaled zones on both wings and a generally black colour. The females of type Nagodopsis are unknown but those of nigricans Moore, the type species of Nagoda, are larger than the male, with broader wings, fully scaled, and patterned generally as in Narosa or Altha.

Two Bornean species are here assigned to Nagodopsis on the basis of their Nagoda-like facies and filiform antennae (females are not known). They are related to each other, sharing an apomorphic feature of the genitalia, a gnathus with a rounded, scobinate apex. N. shirakiana is very similar in facies to the new Bornean species, albipuncta.

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