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Hyphormides Hering

Type species: argentipunctata Hering.
The third segment of the palps is elongate as in Hyphorma, but tending towards Scopelodes in the brush of hair-like scales arising from it. The male antennae are relatively evenly bipectinate over the whole length.

The forewings are almost black, the submarginal is obscure, the oblique line faintly evident; the scaling on the oblique line and in bands arising from it towards the tornus are variably reflective, giving an impression of lighter zones in some light. There are pale bluish scales on the distal and anterior marginal zones of the forewing, and on the thorax. There is a distinctive white spot on the dorsum at one third.

The male genitalia are similar to those of Hyphorma except the gnathus is completely divided into two acute, upcurved processes see below. No females were available for study.

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