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Chalcoscelides Hering

Type species: castaneipars Moore

This genus contains only the one species. The male antennae are bipectinate to the apex, the palps upcurved as in Altha, Narosa and allies. The forewing facies over the distal half is somewhat reminiscent of Altha nivea Walker and allies but the margin is not marked by dots but with a fine dark brown line; the veins also grade dark brown towards the margin and the hindwing is similar. The genus is characterised in facies by the rectangular dark brown zone, set obliquely in the wing, the basal corner of which is pale purple.

The male genitalia are as illustrated, the uncus short, blunt, setose, and the gnathus very broad and flat, features paralleled somewhat in Chalcocelis, or perhaps homologous. The valves are simple, apically hooked dorsad and with a basal zone of setae on the costa. The saccus is moderately produced.

In the female there is a plate dorsal to the ovipositor lobes that is scobinate over the posterior margin; this is probably not homologous with the secondary lobes of Altha, but is shared with Chalcocelis, and possibly other genera. The ductus bursae is not obviously spiralled and the bursa is without signa.

The larva is distinctive, showing extreme lack of external processes, as described below.

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