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Olene Hübner

Type species: mendosa Hübner.

Synonyms: Argila Walker (type species basalis Walker, Sierra Leone syn. n.; Nioda Walker (type species fusiformis Walker = mendosa); Rilia Walker (type species lanceolata Walker = mendosa); Thelde Walker (type species patula Walker = inclusa Walker); Turriga Walker (type species invasa Walker, Australia); Pseudodura Strand (type species dasychiroides Strand = dudgeoni Swinhoe) syn. n.

As with Orgyia, the genus is best defined on male genitalic features: the uncus is short, squarish, and is flanked basally by a pair of short processes that may represent the gnathus; the valves are mostly divided into two arms as in Orgyia but these are more robust (in O. dudgeoni Swinhoe the dorsal arm is lacking - see below); the juxta is ring-like, rather than heart-shaped: the aedeagus is sometimes flexed but lacks the ‘jaws’ of Orgyia. Tymbal organs are present.

The female of the type species has pseudopapillae (Maes, 1984a) basal to the ovipositor lobes, a highly and finely setose ostium, and a bicornute signum.

The larva is typical of the group, and the type species is highly polyphagous as discussed below.

The genus is entirely tropical and extends to Australia, New Guinea, and the Afrotropical Region (see the taxonomic note for the type species).

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