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Clethrogyna Rambur

Type species: splendida Rambur, Spain = dubia Tauscher, Europe.

Synonym: Thylacigyna Rambur (type species ericae Germar, Europe).

This genus was revived by Maes (1984a) for a group of Palaearctic species previously assigned to Orgyia: some were included in Teia Walker by Riotte (1979) . The males are similar in build and appearance to typical Orgyia; but tend to have a more uniform, cinnamon-brown facies. The females are flightless with wings vestigial. The uncus and divided gnathus are somewhat similar in form to those of the next genus, but the valves are relatively very small, squarish, and the dorsal arm is vestigial or absent. The juxta is ring-like. Tymbal organs are absent. In the female the bursa lacks a signum.

One tropical S.E. Asian species is transferred to this genus below.

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