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Psilochira Toxopeus

Type species: lineata Walker.

Synonym: Imaida Toxopeus (type species sinuata Toxopeus = lineata).

The facies is similar to that of Imaus as discussed above. The hindwing, however, is only marked submarginally by a series of small dashes.

In the male genitalia the uncus is distinctly bifid, the processes slender. The valve has a slender arm from the base of the costa, and also narrows to a digitate apex. The sacculus has a patch of coarse spines at its inner angle. The aedeagus is more robust than that of Imaus, with an accessory sclerite extending out from the distal side of the junction with the ductus ejaculatorius.

The female (amydra Collenette) has the eighth segment expanded, though without ornamentation and with short apodemes. There is a broad ostial pouch that opens directly into a spherical bursa, wherein there is a large signum consisting of an irregularly ovate plate with a transverse flange centrally.

The genus consists of those described below and an undescribed species represented only by females from Sulawesi mentioned by Collenette (1947). A single worn male from Seram (slide 1881) taken by the author may be this Sulawesi species.

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