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Carriola Swinhoe

Type species: ecnomoda Swinhoe.

Species of Carriola have a build and wing shape similar to that of Arctornis, but the facies is distinctive, the wings having irregular central windows surrounded by brown (males) or grey to whitish (females). In the forewing venation, R2 arises separately at the cell, but may anastomose with Rs briefly.

The male genitalia are similar in general structure to those of Arctornis but lack a saccular pocket and harpe. The aedeagus is produced into a single, rather blunt process.

The female genitalia have the ovipositor lobes modified in the lip-like manner seen in some Arctornis. The signum in the bursa is large, generally scobinate as in Arctornis, but distinctly heart-shaped.

There is some biological information for the type species, as indicated below.

The genus is restricted to the Oriental tropics, with several more species in mainland Asia and one, saturnioides Snellen, in Sulawesi.

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