The order of presentation in the following species by species treatment of the Bornean Notodontidae is virtually that of Kiriakoff (1968). Most of the genera were characterised in that work and so they will not be redefined here unless new information has been revealed.

The scale of measurement given in description of new species is from the centre of the thorax to the forewing apex.

The categories of vegetation type used in the accounts of habitat preference are as discussed in more detail in Holloway (in press a, b) rather than as in Holloway (1970) for G. Kinabalu, where a slightly different system, perhaps specific to that mountain, was used. The basic categories are as follows:

Lowland forest types, Dipterocarpaceae important:
Hill dipterocarp - up to 1000 m (limestone facies somewhat different)
Alluvial forest - lowland flood plains
Kerangas - acid heath forest on river terraces, poor soils etc.
Swamp forest - low diversity, Shorea albida often predominant.

Lower montane forest - around 1000 m, with Fagaceae, Guttiferae, Lauraceae and Myrtaceae important.

Upper montane forest - above 1000 m, conifers, Ericaceae and Myrtaceae increasing in importance with altitude, Fagaceae decreasing.

In addition there are various other categories where the vegetation has been disturbed, such as secondary forest regenerating after felling or on land exhausted by cultivation, and areas of cultivation.

The information on habitat preference has been gained almost entirely from quantitative light-trap surveys of the G. Kinabalu (Sabah) and G. Mulu (Sarawak) National Parks (Holloway 1970, 1976, in press b) and from collections made by Lt. Col. M.G. Allen and colleagues in a series of expeditions in Brunei.

The holotypes of new taxa have been deposited in the British Museum (Natural History).

Only limited synonymy is given in each case; for a fuller treatment Kiriakoff (1968) should be consulted.

LECTOTYPES are designated for Phalera viridigrisea Hampson and Ichthyura fulgurita Walker, and a NEOTYPE for Pheosia basalis Moore.

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