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Dolbina Staudinger

Type species: tancrei Staudinger (Amur to Japan).

The species are smaller than in preceding genera, with rather narrow, apically produced forewings that have a distinctive pale discal spot and a series of oblique, slightly curved, crenulate fasciae. The abdomen is variegated with diamond-shaped markings. In the male genitalia the uncus is broad, short, apically triangular; the gnathus is apically bifid; the aedeagus has an apical tooth. The harpe on the valve is large, with a spine-like ventral process and an irregularly lobed dorsal one.

The larva is typical of the Sphinginae. The pupal tongue case is not free (Bell & Scott, 1937).

Miyata (1983) recorded Japanese species from genera in the Oleaceae

The genus contains up to nine species, most ranging from Japan and the Amur Region to Asia Minor (D'Abrera, 1986: 46), D. inexacta Walker from India, the Himalaya and China, and the montane Sundanian species described  below.

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