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Elibia Walker

Type species: dolichus Westwood.

The species in this genus have a greenish brown body and forewings, the former with a pale yellow dorsal stripe and the latter with basal to medial, postmedial and submarginal series of pale green to yellow, oblique, straight stripes with a progression from dull to bright distally within each series. The hindwings are brown, grading leaden grey towards the base. The abdomen is very long.

In the male genitalia the uncus and gnathus are strong, undivided. The harpe of the valve is an angular thin ridge.

The larva has a striking, single dorsal ocellus on segment A1, that extends anteriorly into T3; this zone is markedly swollen. The horn is curved over anteriorly in early instars and reduced to a small button-like prominence in the final instar. Host-plants recorded are mainly in the Vitidaceae and relatives.

The pupa has a massive, slightly coiled tongue case that is partially free.

There are two species in the genus, the type species and one in the Philippines (D'Abrera, 1986: 130).

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