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Daphnis Hubner

Type species: nerii Linnaeus.

Species of this genus are dark green to greenish brown with a characteristic wing pattern of paler fasciae. On the forewing there is a small basal ring in a quadrate to circular zone of ground colour. Distal to this is a series of narrow to broad pale fasciae, the exterior one oblique, broadest and straightest. There is a complex, looped, double postmedial that has a zig-zag subtornally. The submarginal marks out a triangle on the margin subapically, with a stronger pale mark or line just anterior to it. The hindwing has a sinuous pale postmedial. The abdomen has diffuse, oblique markings laterally.

In the male genitalia the uncus and gnathus are strong, undivided, opposed. On the valve the harpe is broadly bifid, the two processes being dorsal.

The larva has the thoracic zone tapering to the head. There is often a dorsolateral ocellus on each side of T3. There is some host-plant concentration in the family Apocynaceae.

Most species are Indo-Australian, but the type species extends from the Afrotropical Region to South-east Asia (D'Abrera, 1986: 126).

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