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Gnathothlibus Wallengren

Type species: erotus Cramer.
Synonym: Chromis Hubner (praeocc; type species erotus).

The species have rufous brown forewings and clear orange hindwings with a brown border. In the male genitalia the uncus is entire, laterally compressed. The valve is typically macroglossine with a small saccular harpe and a row of twelve friction scales.

The larva has subdorsal ocellate markings on A1, A2 and A7 associated with a faint subdorsal line in Australasia (Robinson, 1975; Moulds, 1981), but Rothschild & Jordan (1903) and Bell & Scott (1937) refer to a row of ocelli on all segments from T3 to A7; these may be subspecific differences within the type species. The horn is long and straight in early instars, strongly downcurved in later ones. Most host-plants recorded are in the Vitidaceae.

The genus contains one widespread Indo-Australian species and three more localised montane ones (New Guinea; Sulawesi) (D'Abrera, 1986: 124).

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