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Archaeoattacus Watson

Type species: edwardsii White.

Archaeoattacus has been distinguished from Attacus in the account of the latter. Colour differences are mentioned in the description of the Bornean species.

The larva of A. edwardsii has been described by Gardiner (1982), but was confused with that of atlas. It is similar in appearance to that of A. atlas but distinguished by different modifications of the scoli in later instars (see above). The eggs are laid singly; the larvae solitary.

The cocoon is similar to that of Attacus but twigs are cut and incorporated in the suspension.

Host-plants noted by Arora & Gupta (1979) are: Machilus (Magnoliaceae); Prunus (Rosaceae); Ailanthus (Simaroubaceae).

The genus contains only two species, the Himalayan edwardsii and the Sundanian staudingeri Rothschild. The species are both found in Peninsular Malaysia (Lampe, 1985).

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