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Attacus Linnaeus

Type species: atlas Linnaeus.
This and the next genus contain the largest Oriental Saturniidae. Both have large triangular windows in place of wing ocelli, and strongly falcate forewings, particularly in the male. On each wing there are prominent pale post and antemedial fasciae. In Attacus the forewing postmedial is convex distad anterior to the window, but in Archaeoattacus it is concave. Attacus is distinguished by reduced labial palps and the absence of mid-and hindtibial spurs (Arora & Gupta, 1979).

The male genitalia of the two genera are generally similar, but the anellus or juxta is stronger in Archaeoattacus, and the uncus is modified in Attacus.

The larva of A. atlas is described below.

A revision of the two genera has been prepared by R.S. Peigler. The species extend to Australasia.

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