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Antheraea brunei Allen & Holloway 
Antheraea brunei Allen & Holloway, (1986), Brunei Mus. J. 1985, 6(1): 131-134.

Antheraea brunei (paratype)
(.61 natural size)

Antheraea brunei(paratype)
(.61 natural size)

The species is distinguished by: the yellow ground colour, the straight margin (cf. concave) of the female forewing: the lack of post- and antemedial fasciae in the female; in both sexes, the broken lunulate submarginal of the upperside, reflected on the underside by more extensive rows of black triangles. In other species the submarginal is entire, straight on the forewing, crenulate on the hindwing, and much less intense on the underside.

Taxonomic note. This species belongs, with the previous two, to the frithi Moore group.

Geographical range. Borneo, Palawan.

Habitat preference. The species has only been taken in coastal localities in Brunei where there is extensive mangrove. The Palawan locality was also coastal.

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