Superfamily GEOMETROIDEA (1189 species)

Family URANIIDAE (91 species)

Subfamily AUZEINAE (5 species)

Decetia numicusarioides Holloway (Part 8, p. 79). Endemic. (Lowland forest).

Decetia pallidaria Pagenstecher (Part 8, p. 80). Moluccas, Sulawesi, Borneo, Sumatra (Lowland forest on limestone).

Decetia subflavata Warren (Part 8, p. 80). Sundaland. (Lowland).

Brachydecetia rufescens Butler (Part 8, p. 81). Borneo, Sumatra. No precise habitat data.

Brachydecetia calcarea Holloway (Part 8, p. 81). Borneo, Sumatra. (Lowland forest on limestone).

Subfamily URANIINAE (3 species)

Lyssa zampa Butler (Part 8, p. 84). Oriental tropics. Lowland to upper montane.

Lyssa menoetius Hopffer (Part 8, p. 84). S. Thailand, Borneo, Wallacea. Lowland forest.

Urapteroides astheniata Guenée (Part 8, p. 86). Indo‑Australian tropics. Lowland forest.

Subfamily MICRONIINAE (9 species)

Micronia aculeata Guenée (Part 8, p. 87). Oriental tropics. Lowland.

Micronia pluviosa Warren (Part 8, p. 88). Sundaland. Lowland forest.

Acropteris grammearia Geyer (Part 8, p. 89). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. (Lowland).

Acropteris rectinervata Guenée (Part 8, p. 89). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland. Lowland forest.

Acropteris leptaliata Guenée (Part 8, p. 89). N.E. Himalaya to Sundaland, Taiwan. (Lowland).

Acropteris ciniferaria Walker (Part 8, p. 90). Oriental tropics. Lowland (to lower montane).

Pseudomicronia advocataria Walker (Part 8, p. 91). Oriental tropics to Sundaland, Philippines, S. Moluccas. (Lowland).

Pseudomicronia bundutuhan Holloway (Part 8, p. 91). Endemic (G. Kinabalu). (Lower montane).

Strophidia caudata Fabricius (Part 8, p. 92). Oriental tropics. (Lowland forest).

Subfamily EPIPLEMINAE (74 species)

Orudiza protheclaria Walker (Part 8, p. 94). Oriental tropics to Sulawesi. Disturbed lowland alluvial forest.

Chundana lugubris Walker (Part 8, p. 95). Endemic. (Lowland). Note 158. Note 158. A third specimen of Chundana lugubris Walker (noctuid slide 20286) has been located, taken at Bidi in the lowlands of Sarawak. A new species has been located in the form of one specimen from the Semongok locality where one of the previous lugubris specimens was collected, and is described below. Both had been misplaced amongst material of the noctuid genus Metaemene Walker, treated in Part 13.

Chundana metaemenoidessp. n. (p. 319, Plate 6, Fig 91). Endemic. (Lowland). Note 159. Note 159. Chundana metaemenoides sp. n. (Plate 6, Fig 91)

G 7mm. The wing markings consist of pink patches and black dots on a white ground, resembling Metaemene species and lacking the brown suffusion that obscures this in lugubris. The black dots are not linked by any fine black fasciae and are larger than in lugubris, particularly a central subbasal one on the hindwing and three antemedial ones on the forewing; these have a more transverse, slightly angled course. There are several black spots around the forewing margins and marking the position of the postmedial on the costa and the dorsum. The forewing also has a basal spot that is absent in lugubris. The genitalia have the typical saccular spining on the ventral margin of the valve, but there is a single spine only, rather than two, and it is connected to the costa by a transverse ridge, more as in emarginata Hampson. The cucullus of the valve is simple, narrowing to a rounded apex, the costa lacking the lobes or spines seen in Bornean species apart from lugubris. The uncus is slender, single as in emarginata and lugubris, longer than in the latter.

Holotype G. SARAWAK: Kuching, Semongok, 3-9.ii.1976 (E.W. Classey), BM noctuid slide 20285.

Geographical range. Borneo.

Habitat preference. The only specimen is from a lowland forest remnant within an area of cultivation.

Chundana emarginata Hampson (Part 8, p. 96). Oriental tropics to Sundaland, Seram. (Upper montane).

Chundana exangulata Warren (Part 8, p. 96). Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia. (Lowland).

Chundana rufinervis Holloway (Part 8, p. 97). Endemic. (Montane).

Chaetoceras labecula Swinhoe (Part 8, p. 97). Endemic. (Lowland).

Chaetoceras poi Holloway (Part 8, p. 98). Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia. (Lower montane).

Rhombophylla edentata Hampson (Part 8, p. 99). India, Thailand, Borneo, Java. (Lowland forest).

Pseudodirades transgrisea Holloway (Part 8, p. 99). Endemic. (Upper montane).

Leucoplema ruptifascia Warren (Part 8, p. 100). Bali, Borneo. (Lowland).

Pterotosoma castanea Warren (Part 8, p. 101). N.E. Himalaya, Taiwan, Borneo. (Lowland, lower to) upper montane.

Oroplema oyamana Matsumura (Part 8, p. 102). N.E. Himalaya to Japan, Sundaland and Philippines. Upper montane forest.

Oroplema parvipallida Holloway (Part 8, p. 102). Borneo, Seram. (Upper montane).

Oroplema sp. (Part 8, p. 102). Endemic. (Upper montane).

Dysaethria subalbata Guenée (Part 8, p. 103). Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia; ?Java, Philippines. Lowland (to lower montane) forest.

Dysaethria nigrifrons Hampson (Part 8, p. 104). Burma, Borneo, Java, Flores. (Lower and upper montane forest).

Dysaethria exprimataria Walker (Part 8, p. 104). Peninsular Malaysia (B), Borneo. (Lowland to upper montane).

Dysaethria punctata Holloway (Part 8, p. 105). Endemic. Upper montane.

Dysaethria subflavida Swinhoe (Part 8, p. 105). Sundaland. (Upper montane).

Dysaethria erasaria Christoph (Part 8, p. 106). E. Siberia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hainan, Sundaland. (?Lowland).

Dysaethria caerulimargo Holloway (Part 8, p. 106). Endemic, Kinabalu only. Upper montane.

Dysaethria flavida Warren (Part 8, p. 106). Sundaland. (Lowland to upper montane).

Dysaethria grisea Warren (Part 8, p. 107). India, Peninsular Malaysia (B), Borneo, New Guinea, Solomons. (Lowland).

Dysaethria diffiniaria Walker (Part 8, p. 107). Borneo, Bangka 1. (?Lowland).

Dysaethria fulvihamata Hampson (Part 8, p. 108). Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Ryukyu Is., Peninsular Malaysia (B), Borneo. (Lowland forest).

Dysaethria columba Holloway (Part 8, p. 108). Endemic. (Lowland, montane).

Dysaethria flavistriga Warren (Part 8, p. 108). N.E. Himalaya to Japan; Peninsular Malaysia (B), Borneo. (Upper montane).

Dysaethria indignaria Walker (Part 8, p. 109). New Guinea, Borneo. (Lowland).

Dysaethria walkeri Holloway (Part 8, p. 109). Borneo, Sumatra? Lowland to lower montane (acid soils).

Dysaethria rhagavolita Holloway (Part 8, p. 110). Borneo, ?N.E. Himalaya. Lowland (and upper montane).

Dysaethria oriocharis West (Part 8, p. 110). Philippines, Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia. (Lowland).

Dysaethria lunulimargo Holloway (Part 8, p. 111). Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia? (Lowland).

Dysaethria lilacina Moore (Part 8, p. 111). Indo‑Australian tropics. (Lowland).

Dysaethria rubrililacina Holloway (Part 8, p. 111). Borneo, Java. (Lowland, upper montane).

Dysaethria albolilacina Holloway (Part 8, p. 112). Borneo, Sulawesi. Lowland (heath) forest.

Dysaethria plicata Snellen (Part 8, p. 112). Taiwan, Sundaland to Queensland and Vanuatu. Lowland forest.

Dysaethria danum Holloway (Part 8, p. 113). Endemic. (Lowland forest).

Dysaethria harmani Holloway (Part 8, p. 113). Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia. (Lowland).

Dysaethria quadricaudata Walker (Part 8, p. 113). Indo‑Australian tropics. Lowland (to upper montane).

Dysaethria scopocera Hampson (Part 8, p. 414). Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia. (Lowland).

Dysaethria sp. (Part 8, p. 115). Endemic. (Coastal).

Chionoplema smarti Holloway (Part 8, p. 115). Endemic. Upper montane.

Chionoplema paradeicta Warren (Part 8, p. 116). Borneo, Sulawesi, S. Moluccas. (Lowland forest).

Chionoplema psara Holloway (Part 8, p. 116). Endemic. (Lowland forest).

Europlema desistaria Walker (Part 8, p. 117). Oriental tropics, Queensland. (Lowland).

Europlema semibrunnea Pagenstecher (Part 8, p. 118). Indo‑Australian tropics. (Lowland).

Europlema instabilata Walker (Part 8, p. 118). Borneo, S. Moluccas to Queensland and New Caledonia. (Lowland and lower montane forest).

Europlema bilobuncus Holloway (Part 8, p. 119). Endemic. (Lowland, upper montane forest).

Europlema poecilaria Swinhoe (Part 8, p. 119). Borneo, Sumatra. (Upper montane).

Europlema nivosaria Walker (Part 8, p. 119). Taiwan, Hainan, Borneo and east to Bismarck Is. (Lowland).

Monobolodes yeni Holloway (Part 8, p. 121 as rectifascia Holloway; see Part 5, p. 155). Endemic. (Lowland to lower montane).

Monobolodes undatifascia Holloway (Part 8, p. 121). Endemic. Lowland forest.

Monobolodes parvinigrata Holloway (Part 8, p. 122). Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia (B), Sri Lanka. (Lowland and lower montane forest).

Monobolodes pseudosimulans Holloway (Part 8, p. 122). Borneo, Philippines. Lowland (and montane).

Monobolodes ruptifascia Holloway (Part 8, p. 122). Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia. (Lowland).

Monobolodes ? prunaria Moore (Part 8, p. 123). Indian Subregion, Taiwan, Ryukyu Is.; ?Borneo. (Lowland forest).

Monobolodes sp. ? (Part 8, p. 123). Borneo. (Lower montane).

Phazaca erosioides Walker (Part 8, p. 124). Indo‑Australian tropics. Lowland forest (and lower montane).

Phazaca acutilinea Warren (Part 8, p. 125). Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia. Lowland, lower (and upper montane) forest.

Phazaca mutans Butler (Part 8, p. 125). Sundaland to Queensland and Solomons. (Lowland).

Phazaca coniferoides Holloway (Part 8, p. 126). Endemic. Upper montane.

Phazaca leucocera Hampson (Part 8, p. 126). Sri Lanka, Borneo, Solomons. (Lowland).

Phazaca ?alikangensis Strand (Part 8, p. 127). Taiwan, Ryukyu Is., ?Borneo. (Lower montane).

Phazaca unicaudoides Holloway (Part 8, p. 127). Endemic. Lowland (heath and swamp) forest.

Phazaca sp. (Part 8, p. 128). Endemic. (Upper montane).

Phazaca cesena Swinhoe (Part 8, p. 128). Endemic. (Lowland).

Phazaca monticesena Holloway (Part 8, p. 128). Endemic. (Upper montane).

Phazaca cesenaleuca Holloway (Part 8, p. 129). Endemic. (Upper montane).

Warreniplema fumicosta Warren (Part 8, p. 130). N.E. Himalaya, Taiwan, Peninsular Malaysia (B), Borneo. (Upper montane).

“ Epiplema” certaria Walker (Part 8, p. 130). Endemic (Lowland).

“Epiplema” clathrata Warren (Part 8, p. 130). N.E. Himalaya, Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia (B), Java, Bali. (Lowland).

“Epiplema” saccata Holloway (Part 8, p. 131). Endemic. (Lowland hill dipterocarp forest).

“ Gathynia” mesilauensis Holloway (Part 8, p. 131). Endemic. (Montane forest).


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