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Tathodelta Hampson

Type species: purpurascens Hampson.

The facies in this genus is as described for the type species below. The male antennae are strongly fasciculate. The labial palps have the third segment small, directed obliquely downward relative to the somewhat rectangular second segment.

In the male abdomen, the eighth sternite is of the framed corematous type, and the tergite has a narrow, V-shaped sclerotisation that diverges distad. In the genitalia, there is a slight scaphium. The valve is narrow, tongue-like, with a small spur directed over the ventral margin at one third. This spur arises at the distal end of the sacculus and also from a trapezoidal area of thickening transverse to the valve. The saccus is strong, apically acute. The aedeagus vesica is somewhat globular but with scobinate lobes distally, and a row of seven or eight robust cornuti centrally.

The female genitalia have the ostium at the anterior of the eighth segment. The ductus is lightly sclerotised and divided into two parts separated by a short, membranous constriction: a fluted, slightly scobinate basal part; a longer (x1.5) section that expands slightly to a subbasal junction with the corpus bursae. The corpus bursae is elongate with a slight central constriction and, near the junction with the ductus, a small, round, thickened and slightly corrugated lobe or appendix bursae. The whole bursa is invested with a dense covering of minute spines to about four fifths, where these give way to a slight scobination.

Bell (MS) described the larva of the type species in India. The larva lacks prolegs on A3, and those of A4 are only half the size of the rest. A8 is slightly tumid. The body is green, the head glossy, whitish green, with brown markings. The pupa lacks a bloom. The description was based on preserved material reared by assistants.

The host plant was
Allophylus (Sapindaceae).

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