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The type genus and the closely related Spirama Guenée share general facies features as described in the description of Hypopyra Guenée. The underside delineation and the dark collar are shared by these genera. Indeed the spiral mark in the discal region of Spirama is a more extreme development of that in Hypopyra, so the relationship between these two genera needs exploration. Spirama has page priority.

Though the male abdomen and genitalia have some features of the core catocalines, the condition of the ostium and the relatively slight modification of the seventh sternite in the female are atypical of the core group. Fibiger (2003) included
Hypopyra in his concept of the Catocalinae.

The larvae are specialist feeders in Leguminosae and can attain pest status.
Spirama larvae have four external setae on the prolegs as in the Erebini (see also pp. 150, 283) and also black patches between the prolegs (Bell, MS). The pupa has a bloom. The adults are fruit-piercers.

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