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Association of further genera with the type species, Hulodes Guenée, is tentative, based on their all having similar pattern to the forewing and hindwing, vertical compression of the ball-and-claw type of uncus to produce a narrowed cleft between the ball and the claw (not in Ericeia Walker and only in the procellosa group in Lacera Guenée), and a vesica with a long diverticulum with many reversed spines along it. There are distal coremata to the valves of Hulodes and Lacera. The female genitalia have the ostium associated with the seventh sternite, which usually covers it with a small antevaginal plate.

Swinhoe (1900) assigned several genera to his subfamily Speiredoniinae; he treated
Speiredonia Hübner correctly as a senior synonym of Sericia Guenée and also included Hulodes and Dasypodia Guenée. Other genera assigned by Swinhoe that are not included here were those of the Erebini (p. 160) and Anisoneura Guenée (p. 133). Semper (1896-1902: 541) also listed genera under Speiredoniinae without attribution of the name.

Host records for all four genera are predominantly from the Leguminosae.

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